Stretch Film

Our high quality stretch wrap film is composed of high elongation, polyethylene based film that is used to utilize and protect products during storage or shipment. It offers added versatility for being able to handle various load types, provide excellent protection, combining small, individual items into larger loads as well as primary packaging material for wrapping individual products. Other benefits of stretch wrap films include reduced freight costs, improved warehouse and inventory control as well as assuring product quality and cleanliness.

Benefits of Stretch Film :
The security associated and with holding performance. Load retention, and protection is readily evident
Stretch film protects against moisture, dirt and abrasion safeguarding the goods it wraps.
The clarity and appearance of stretch film enables code to be quickly scanned and read while protecting labels and codes printed underneath the film.
Stretch film does not produce clinging noise and it clings to itself,thus making its removal fast, clean and easy.